This page is an helping hand to u being an evan~~:3

P.S.plz dont edit this or go to the bottom and start a new 1 plzzz :)

hi this is DragonIcetas,

i loged in to my account,DragonIcetas

so this is not an unregistered user : /

im an lvl 43 evan

evans have dragons that evolve from time to time

lvl 10-20-30-40... so on

when the onyx dragon grows

they would also get new skills

the dragon can use all elements spells

like the ice breath=ice

lighting bolt=lighting

fire circle=fire

flame breath=fire

flame wheel=fire


killer wings=darkness

dark fog=darkness

phantom imprint=darkness earthquake=earth

i want u to add me...

evan attack through their dragons : /

so to evan would be completely useless with out there dragon

u would love to make a evan char.

they would also be happy to have u

hope u have fun mapling

ur helper, DragonIcetas

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